Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Would You? Wednesday...

I can remember when I was young my sister clearly explaining to me the rules of fashion (cuz that's what big sisters are for). According to her, you could never wear the following; black and brown, khaki and grey, or navy and black together. And up until recent years these color combos really used to drive me nuts! But nowadays I'm sure we can all agree there really are no rules when it comes to fashion. I may end up laughing at myself years down the road but for the moment, it's navy and black that's catching my eye. It's a perfect alternative to an all black outfit but still manages to look chic and pulled together. Here are few ladies who are getting this look oh so right!

I'm in love with this blazer! source

Below are two ways I'd wear this combo. I included a look for night and for day. Remember to keep the textures similar and pair your outfit with neutral accessories for a more streamlined look!
So what do you think? Would you wear navy and black together?

Black and Blue


  1. Yes I would! And yes, I have!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Navy and black can be so good together! love your choices, especially the clutch :-)

  3. your right... when it comes to fashion, there really are no rules! i used to never mix navy and black together.. and now i do all the time in winter! perfect combo for a fall look! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  4. it's true! i love how daring fashion is now, with all the mixing and matching. perfect!
    xo TJ

  5. i do love the black and navy combination. i say screw fashion rules and do what you like and whatever is your style

  6. Yep, I'd totally wear it! In fact, I think I do a lot already. Love your picks!

  7. I definitely rock navy and black together. I think it's more out of lack of caring whether or not it's fashionable. As a full-time nanny, I tend to whatever is clean and has the potential to hide stains.

  8. i used to live by these rules as well, but now navy & black are one of my favorite color combos. it wreaks chic (that sounds like it is bad!)

    1. Wreaks chic...ha I might have to steal that phrase! ;)