Thursday, March 4, 2010

All grown up...

March 2nd my baby bro Cameron turned 18! I can't believe it, it seems like yesterday that my sis and I were painting his nails and putting bows in his hair! (cuz that's what big sisters do.) Good thing my mom has a grandson because all of her kids are grown adults now!

This is my favorite picture of baby Cam! I wanted to dress him in this onesie everyday! It was my favorite! He was probably the cutest of us all! ( P.S. notice the air Jordan's! haha..too cute. I think we still have them saved somewhere!)

Brock had to help Uncle Cameron open his presents!

Happy 18th Birthday Uncle Cameron!!
This is about the 4th time he blew out those candles! lol No one minds a little drool on their cake.. right?
Brock decorated and did the candles for Uncle Cameron all by himself!

Wait, who's birthday was it again...? I'm pretty sure Brock thinks his birthday comes once a month now!

Happy 18th Birthday Cameron! I love you!

WM Phx Open..

This past weekend I joined Megan and Nick at the "Waste Management Phoenix Open". Horrible name if you ask me. Or perfect I guess due to the rowdy crowd that Phoenix draws...I wondered, do all PGA tournaments involve dressing up like John Daley, excessive drinking and foam fingers??? I think not, but that's Arizona for you...any excuse to dress up and party will draw a huge crowd! lol
Anyways, we had a great time and the weather couldn't have been better! (Seeing as on Sunday it poured all day long!)
Nick in his "twister" pants. I think he was the highlight of the tournament! Fooooorrre!
P.S. These pants are actually real golf attire...if you'd like a pair, I know you do, check out! You cant tell from the pic, but the shirt matches! Perfect.