Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day

I'm so blessed to have so many wonderful "moms" in my life. I know that the amazing women in my family have shaped me into the person I am today and I want to say thank-you! I have some great examples to live by!

My mom and the kids.. plus one grand baby!
My sister and her perfect lil' one.

Persistence pays off...

So if any of you know me, you know that my sister is extremely creative and crafty! When we were younger she was always wanting me to do projects with her and most of the time it never interested me. Nowadays, it's something we both love doing and she is finally starting to rub off on me! Lately I've been really busy with projects and just figured I'd share a few as evidence that persistence pays off! Thanks sis for all your inspiring ideas and help!

My friend Amy is getting married in June and for her Bridal shower I came up with an idea to put together a lil' gift basket that included "ingredients" for "A Recipe for a Lifetime of Love". On the outside was the tag with the following:

A Recipe for a Lifetime of Love
7 heaping cups of "comfort" and love
2 hand fulls of "sweetness"
1 pinch of "spice"
and a dash of "sass"
Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Bake at 1000 degrees until "steamy".
(And just in case things get "messy"...the right tool is included to "smooth" things out!)

So inside the package included items that related to the word in quotes and a recipe to go along with it... ex: in case things get "messy"there are dish towels and a spatula to "smooth" things over including a recipe for a cake and then to keep things "spicy" there was a recipe for salsa and cute salsa dishes to match.. etc. You get it..right?

This was the card I made for her shower.

The apron I made...I also made a coordinating one that's a skirt and ties at the waist.

I am also planning her Bachelorette party and these are the invites I made. I think they are my favorite thing I've done so far and super easy to make! So cute! I have more fun creations that I'm working on for the party but I can't spoil the surprise you know, so there will be more soon to come!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ASU Graduation 2009

I'm sitting here about to leave for my graduation ceremony and it just doesn't seem real! If you've been living under a rock the last few weeks you might not be aware that The President of the United States, Barack Obama will be our key note speaker! Can you believe that? Really? I feel so lucky to have the chance to experience such a "once in a lifetime" thing! So, maybe that's the reason it's taken me so I could experience this moment right now. No matter what your politics might be, how many people can say they saw and heard the President speak in person! It will be a story for the future kids! I'm sure I'll be posting an update later with all the crazy details and some pics of me in my waaayy to big for me cap and gown! :)