Friday, April 27, 2012

Plain White T

Plain White T

I came across a couple posts this week that got me thinking about the classic "t-shirt and jeans" combo. So here is a little weekend inspiration for you guys. This is my take on ways to liven up that plain white tee and jeans you have laying around.
My tips:
1. Add lots of color!
2. Wear a statement necklace to transform your tee
3. Rock a pair of killer heels
4. Hop on the denim-on-denim trend and add a vest
5. Polish your look with a blazer
Check out these links here and here for more inspiration.
*Hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A dose of food (and fun)...

This weekend was a hot one. Way too hot for it only being April! And where could I be found you ask? Outside...all weekend long. Call me crazy. On Saturday I celebrated my first lake day of the year. We hit Saguaro Lake and the boys did some wake boarding while I worked on my tan. Then Sunday I volunteered at The Scottsdale Culinary Festival. It's a local charity event that supports art awareness and art education. It features 50+ food trucks and breweries from around town. We worked for 10 hours running around outside in 106 degrees but definitely took advantage of the 75 dollar food and drink credit. Pretty sure I sweat out everything I ate and drank so I think I broke even.

 My friend Nick about to enjoy his first ride of the year.
 All access?..sign me up.
 I realize this picture is ridiculous but this proves that we should never be given walkie talkies. We only pretend to look official.
 Rooftop view from the after party hosted at The Clayton.
Enjoying the sunset

After 10 hours we left with apples and an already opened bottle of wine...those are some perks.
But seriously, even though it was hard work it was such a fun event and supports a great cause. If you live in the area you should check it out next year!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer Hair Savers

Summer Hair Savers

Summer is starting to makes it's appearance around here and with all the heat, humidity, sun and chlorine it usually ends up doing a number on my long locks. So in order to prevent the inevitable boring, sweaty ponytail I've made a list of some summer hair savers. Just because it's hot out and your spending most of your time trying to stay cool doesn't mean your do' has to suffer! Tell me, what will your go-to summer hair look be?

1. A Hat- Whether it's a panama or a classic fedora, rocking a hat this summer is a great way to protect your locks (and skin) while still looking chic. Find one with a touch of neon for a fun and trendy look!
2. Headbands- These bright colored and rhinestone headbands add punch to any outfit and are multi-functional. For a more Boho look this flower halo is perfect.
3. Hair clips- The ocean breeze can cause major damage so keep those strands in place without boring bobby pins. This bow clip is sailor inspired and these Marc clips add glitz for a night out.
4. Scarfs/Turbans- This is my favorite summer hair look. There are endless options so which ever you choose and however you wear it, it's guaranteed to pull together any look!
5. Hair ties- Sometimes you just need to pull back your locks but hair ties don't have to be plain. These colorful ties are great for day and won't tangle and tear your strands. (You can also sport them as bracelets!) For night, a gold hair cuff is the perfect accessory to a sleek and sexy ponytail.
Hope these items will inspire you to try some fun summer looks!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Dose of Baby Girl...

The next few months are going to be some crazy ones! My sister and my best friend Lisa are both expecting baby girls in June....oh, and did I mention they have the same due date?! Amazing, I know! I am beyond excited for both of them. This means I also have the pleasure of co-hosting both baby showers...back-to-back weekends! Throw in a vacation and a holiday weekend and what do you got?...A jam packed schedule! But I couldn't be more thrilled to welcome the first baby girl to the family and for my life-long friend to experience the joys of motherhood! I have so many ideas in the works for their showers but will have to keep those a secret for now. In the meantime, since I've got babies on the brain, I wanted to share some adorable items I'm dying over. I mean really, how can you resist all of this baby girl goodness?

Her first bathing suit..and it come with a matching swim cap..stop it.

Handmade teething ring

*I'm gonna be one broke Auntie :(