Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Dose of Birthdays...

This past weekend was chalk full of celebrations! Friday started with a birthday dinner at Postino's for my friend Megan. If you live in Arizona, Postino's is a must try! Their many varieties of bruschetta are so yummy! They also have the most adorable grassy area (the east location) where you can dine and drink picnic style. I can't wait to try it when the weather cools down a bit. After dinner we headed out for a few drinks. I always love getting together with these girls. There is just never a dull moment! Megan is lucky enough to be celebrating her actual birthday in Manhattan next weekend. What a lucky girl huh? I'm so jealous and sad I won't be able to join. Meg, I hope you have a wonderful time, you deserve it! Happy Birthday gorgeous!

Saturday it was on to the next party! My friend (and former roommate) Alisha was spending her 30th birthday poolside at Talking Stick Resort. If you never been, it's like mini Vegas experience complete with pool parties and a casino. Perfect for a stay cation! We lucked out with the weather because it was actually calling for rain all week but it ended up being a gorgeous day. We only had a minor incident involving wind gusts, an umbrella, and Alisha's boyfriends' face! Don't worry it sounds worse than it was, he's fine I assure you! It was actually pretty hilarious but he had to file a report with the hotel and blah, blah, blah. After all that excitement we headed out for sushi and some more celebrating of course. The whole day was so much fun and I was happy that so many of our friends came out to celebrate what a wonderful person Alisha is!

View from the room!

Gosh I love this lady! Happy 30th birthday friend! xo