Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Would You? Wednesday...

Today is a continuation from last Friday's post because I can't seem to get sweaters off my mind! Now typically I'm drawn to a more trendy and edgier approach when it comes to my style but lately I'm loving that all-American/New England prep look. I find myself wanting to throw on some riding boots, a plaid button down and cover up with a comfy sweater like these! (That is, if it ever decides to cool down!) I'll admit, they are slightly reminiscent of that "hideous" Christmas sweater you'd receive from your Grandma every year. But I just can't help but love these bold Nordic prints! How about you, would you? 

Sweater Love

*Here is a little more inspiration for ya! Have you checked out this gorgeous gal Sarah? She's half of the talent behind Keil James Patrick. Both her and her boyfriend are probably to blame for my obsession for this look! They just make these sweaters look so classic and chic!
Hope your all having a fantastic week!

P.S. I'll be adding The Vickers' Bow to my Christmas list! :)


  1. Yes, ma'am! I totally would! I love these sweaters! I think they are the new statement piece of the season. I'd love to add a few to my wardrobe this year. Hope you have a great Wednesday! :)

  2. Great minds think alike ;) Love the ones you featured!

  3. Love all of these gorgeous sweaters!

  4. love it so much! feel in love with fair isle last winter and am still loving it

  5. I love these jumpers! I can't believe that I don't have anything like them in my wardrobe. That is an obvious gap that needs to be filled! xx

    1. I'm on the hunt for the perfect one as well!