Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Dose of To-Do's (Summer Edition)...

Summer To-Do List 2013

Run Rock N' Roll San Diego
I've mentioned this a few times now but it's finnnnally here! This Friday I'll be headed to San Diego with two of my girlfriends to run my first half marathon! I'm so excited. The nerves haven't really kicked in yet..I'm sure Sunday morning will be a different story. But I'm actually feeling quite confident and well prepared. Wish me luck. I'll be posting a recap sometime next week and of course, Instagramming like crazy! :)

Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Last summer my list included wakeboarding (which I finally conquered!) and this year I want to attempt SUP. I've heard it's so much fun and a great workout! 

Attend a summer concert..or two.
 Concerts are always on my to-do list come summertime. Next week I'll be seeing the amazingly talented Mumford and Sons. Can't wait! 

Attempt some healthy summer dishes
With all this running I've definitely noticed some positive changes when it comes to my body. Now if only I could get my diet on the right track! So I want to make an effort to cook more healthy dishes and this summer salad looks too de-lish to pass up! But let's face it, I'm never giving up my love for Mexican food! :)

Escape the heat
When the temps are over 100 here summer can really seem to drag on and on!  So I'll be looking forward to hitting the road, hopefully to the nearest beach or mountain! I guess I'll actually be checking two items off my list this weekend!

 Now what about you guys? 
Do you run? Any races coming up?
Have you ever tried stand up paddle boarding?
Any fun concerts on your calendar?
Do you have any summer recipes you wanna share?
Vacation plans?
Do share! I'd love to hear it!


  1. Um can we please try paddle boarding at tempe town lake this summer!!!!