Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Would You? Wednesday...

I'm not sure about you gals but lately I'm obsessed with any and all kinds of hats! Beanies, fedoras, panamas and most recently, baseball caps! I think they make the perfect addition to any weekend outfit. Cold weather or warm, it doesn't matter. You're sure to find the perfect one to match your climate and style! Now what do you think? Would you?

Snapbacks and Ball Caps

If you're a fan like me, here are a few options:
Target Straw Baseball hat $12.99 (in multiple colors!)
Madewell Biltmore Garmet-washed Baseball hat $22.00
Free People Ikat embroidery Baseball hat $48.00



  1. loving the baseball caps.
    cute blog! :)

  2. Me too and I'm wanting a black leather baseball cap! The target straw ones are super cute too.

    1. I'd love a leather one too but it's already getting too warm here for I think I'm gonna snag the black Target one!

  3. i have a habit of stealing hats from my boyfriends. i have quite a collection! maybe it's time for something a little more girly....

    have a great weekend! xox

  4. I would and I will! I got my Madewell floral cap in the mail the other day! Can't wait to style it up! :)