Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Dose of Elin...

First off, I gotta thank you guys for your feedback on WYW post regarding bangs! Most of you said go for it and I was totally on board...that was until I watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Guys, I couldn't take the plunge. I was lead astray by all those gorgeous bang-less beauties. Sooo I decided to take another route. See below!

 So this was the little inspiration collage I showed my hair dresser aka best friend. Isn't Elin Kling just gorgeous? Major hair envy. And that signature front hair flip thing she has going it.

Here is the finished look. And this is my best attempt at the Elin Kling hair flip. :) I wish I had a before picture but let me tell you it wasn't good. My roots had grown out so much that my friend said it looked ombre. Ha! I took about 6 inches off (major for me!) and added some swoopy (I'm sure that's the official term) layers around the front. Ta-da! A whole new woman.


  1. looks Great! i naturally have that flip kind of thing...and i hate it. no matter how much i flat iron still wants to get all tall and unruly.

    1. ha, Jealous! Hers must be natural too cuz I could never get mine that high!

  2. That blonde shade is gorgeous - sucha lovely cut :)

  3. Thank you Mara! Your hair is way too pretty to be cutting it!! :)