Monday, June 10, 2013

A Dose of San Diego...

Here are a few pictures of some of our post-race fun!

On Sunday after the race we all enjoyed lunch by the water at Tower 23 Hotel. There may have been some pomegranate mimosas involved. :) We also a did a bit of shopping and then a much needed nap of course.
That evening we decided to celebrate with sushi at a local spot in OB, The Joint. Oh so yummy!! And then we got caught by a waitress taking selfies in the bathroom mirror. Busted! She laughed, we laughed, and we carried on.
 So thankful for this girl! If it wasn't for her convincing me to sign up for the race, I probably never would have done it. Thanks Meg.
Meg and Lindsey (aka LG) 
 We ended our last day there with breakfast Cafe 976. It's an adorable old house with a perfect outdoor seating area and some amazing specialty coffee drinks. Perfect after a night of too much sake err, sushi.
 Afterwards we met my family at Seaport Village. Brinley experienced her first "pony ride". She wasn't sure about it at first. I think it made her a lil dizzy. But it was the cutest thing.
 We did some more shopping and Brinley found a cute sock monkey she couldn't part with. So of course Grandma had to buy it for her. And then she wouldn't let it go the entire day!
My mom, sister and Brinley (and sock monkey). 
 My favorite girls.
 So in awe with the baby ducklings.
 And finally, see that adorable little face up there. ^That cutie turns 1 today and I can hardly believe it!? She has made me the happiest auntie ever! I'm so in love with her sweet, sensitive, girly, curious, silly, smart, sometimes shy and sassy personality. Happy Birthday Brinley! I love you. You were such a sweetheart the entire trip! xoxo


  1. Oh my gosh, what fun!! I'd love to do a race in SD sometime and then spend the rest of the weekend exploring, shopping, and definitely enjoying the beach :)

    1. So much fun...I only wish we had more time (and warmer weather) for the beach! :( Next time!