Thursday, April 18, 2013


When I started running not too long ago, it was something I sorta dreaded and at that time, something I was just doing to "get in shape". But slowly I began throwing around the idea of possibly signing up for a race in the waaay future. I decided though, I needed a goal to work towards to keep me on track so after a couple of 5k races I went out on a limb and signed up for a half marathon..a complete surprise to everyone around me! And you know what, these past few months I've developed a fondness for the sport of running that I never thought was possible. Like, ever. For me, it's the satisfaction that comes from knowing it's just you, and only you, who's responsible for getting out of bed every Saturday morning, or lacing up after a hard day at work, and pushing yourself to complete those miles or minutes even when your body may not feel like it can. It's knowing that you've pushed your body further than you thought possible. That "runners high" they speak of, well it exists and it's a fantastic feeling. Now here I am, 3 days after the tragic events in Boston and 6 weeks away from my first half marathon and I'm filled with an even greater love for running and it's community. I have a whole new motivation for June 2nd. So from here on out, my miles are for Boston.

For more info and to join me:
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4.09 Mi in honor of Boston.
*(4 hrs 09 mins was the time on the clock when the first explosion occurred.)

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  1. you're also running for a great cause! my dad was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009, so supporting LLS is near and dear to me.

    keep up the good work!