Friday, January 11, 2013

A Dose of To-Do's...(2013 version)

I've posted a few "to-do" lists here on the blog and found that it was always really nice to look back and reflect about the things I experienced over that period of time. It also served as motivation for following through on those goals and plans. So I figured what better time for a new list, than the new year!? ( I also think that a "to-do" list sounds much more attainable than resolutions!) So here's what I'm working on for 2013!
2013 To-Do's:

Travel more
 Specifically to places I've never been before. First up, a snowboarding trip to Big Sky Montana! 

Read more books
Currently in rotation Love Does by Bob Goff (I'm only a couple chapters in and I'm already recommending it to everyone!) and Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman. I'm always open to suggestions, so please share!

Keep on Running
Running is something I started doing regularly last summer and after a bit of a holiday "break", I'm excited to get back on track! A race I'm looking forward to? Pat's Run.

Date more
 Ha! Yes, you read it right. For the last year or so I've kinda been uninterested in the dating scene (aka, I think I went on a whole 2 dates last year!) but I know Mr. Right is not going to just fall into my lap (although I wouldn't mind if he would) so I've realized I have to be a little more proactive when it comes to finding the right person. I'm committing to putting myself out there more! Watch out fellas. ;)

Investing in meaningful relationships
This means really being present in those special moments with family and friends. It means making time for brunch dates and phone calls. Overall, it's showing love with action, not just thoughts and feelings. (Paraphrased from Love Does. ha. See, I'm obsessed already!)

Explore new job opportunities
Maybe I'll expand more on this when I know what it is I'm looking for! ;) But I'm adding it to my list cuz I know it's time for me to take a leap!

Now what about you, what's on your to-do list for 2013? Big or small, I'd love to hear!


  1. Just found your blog and I need to start a to-do list! Your #1 is my favorite. A girl can never travel too much!

  2. I'm definitely wanting to read more this year too. Must set aside time to finish some good books!