Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break...

This past week was my spring break from ASU...and you know what exciting plans I had..? Working, yep! So by Fri I was so bummed that I was the only student from ASU not laying by the pool/beach somewhere (or so it seemed..) so I convinced myself (it really wasnt that hard..) that what I needed was a quick vacay to Vegas! So my roomie Alisha, her friend Ashley and I all drove up to Vegas sat. morning and came back sun night. I was short and sweet, just what Vegas should be! ( really, who can handle more than two days in Vegas anyways?)
Alisha and I at Tao...
Alisha, Ashley and I at the Venetian

Eating lunch at Margaritaville...where its 5 o'clock somewhere!
This was our cabbie for the night, Nate..or as we called him "Nate Dawg"..I think he dug it! This was by far the funniest part of the night..(sadly). He was such a riot and since the cab ride was about 30 mins with all the crazy traffic we made the most of it! He taught us some new dance moves and when we told him we were from AZ he said, "Really..? Cuz you don't look like most girls I see from girls are thick!" US: "Wait..Um...excuse me? Did he just call us thick? Yes..yes...he did.." We decided to go with it and take it as a compliment! :)

Us practicing our new dance moves from "Nate Dawg" do we look?

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