Friday, February 20, 2009

What happens at Grandma's...stays at Grandma's

So Thursday I decided to pop in at my Grandma's house and see my nephew Brock. It had of course been a whole 4 days since I saw him last! (That's like 2 weeks in Auntie time you know!) To my surprise I found him and his chubby little legs covered in black ink! I pointed and said (in my most serious voice..) "what is this?"..."what did you do?" He just looked at me and laughed! He knew exactly what he had done! Great-Grandma Mae Mae insisted she would wash it off before mama saw! We could never let mama begin to think that Brock could get into any sort of mischief while at Grandma's house of course! Before she could scrub him clean I had to snap some pictures because it was just too funny!

This all reminded me of a story about some fun my brother and I had with Grandma when we were little. One day my brother and I decided to color Mae Mae while she napped! Her legs and shorts were lovely shades of pink, green, purple and blue! We still laugh about it to this day and I think she might still even have the shorts with marker stains to prove it! Grandma's (and Great-Grandma's) are just wonderful aren't they? :) I'm so glad that Brock is lucky enough to experience the same love and happiness that we did with our Mae Mae!

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