Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A dose of menswear..

Today I'm dedicating a post to the fella's. It may be just me, but I'm slightly obsessed with menswear. There is just something about a well-dressed man that is so attractive. Whether your a guy who prefers comfort and a clean pair of J's or a three piece suit, when it's done right and you carry yourself well, it's all equally appealing to me. I love that men seem to be stepping up their game lately and I say, it's about time! So in addition to my never ending list of female blogger's I follow, men's style blogs have been thrown into the mix. It doesn't help that they are all quite handsome and seriously funny. Take a look and let me know what you think. Are you a fan of menswear?  

Offering up lots of style with a lil relationship advice here and there...go ahead and hit him with a question, the answer is sure to be entertaining.

Giving you the low down on what to buy and wear to buy it.

A mix of menswear, food and cocktails..I'd say that makes for a good combo.

With a title like "America's Best Dressed Real Man", this guy's gotta know his stuff.


  1. Oh these are all new to me, how fun! I'm constantly taking note from the boys!

  2. oh so cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  3. Love this post! Totally with you girl! Mr. Plain Tshirt is my fave. He's just wearing jeans and tshirt but paired with the jacket and those shoes he looks really good! lol


    1. Thanks Giovanna! Guys have it so easy huh..jeans and a t-shirt and they still look good! lol Glad you enjoyed the post!