Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer happenings..

You know that feeling about late February when you think to yourself..."I can't wait for summer!" is definitely in full swing and I'm already thinking to myself.."I cant wait for winter!" How horrible is that? Even though it's been scorching, Ive been enjoying myself and here is a sneak peak at my summer so far! *Warning* I know its been forever since I posted so I apologize for the picture overload!
Chicago Trip- June

All of us grand kids went home to Chicago...We had an amazing time with the family. The weather was wonderful and we miss everyone already!

Me and Brock shopping in downtown Chicago!

Our best attempt at a family photo!
Me and my auntie Cathy

Me and my bro TJ eating yummy Chi town pizza!

Airplane ride...he was so good the whole flight!

"Wicked" the musical!- July 5th

Tickets were a graduation present from my sister! Thanks sis...the show was great!

Lake Havasu- July

Me and my roomie Alisha visited Lake Havasu for the first time! We had so much fun! The lake was beautiful and we are already planning another trip back!


No makeup and sun burnt ...cute I know!

Alisha Me and my mom

With Moms

My Bro's 23rd Birthday-July 17th

TJ and his buddies celebrating!

My friend Mikey's Birthday- Aug.

Hope everyone is enjoying a safe and fun-filled summer!

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