Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cali here I come...

So tomorrow I leave for San Diego and I couldnt be more excited!
I am going to visit my boyfriend Neal who is currently training there. Tough gig, I know!
Im so happy to have a lil getaway before school starts back! Oh and of course to see him. :) We havent seen eachother since Thanksgiving and its tough! So we decided that we wanted to do something fun while I was there and you wanna know what he came up with..? Hang gliding!! Uh excuse me? Running off the side of a cliff attached to a ginormous kite doesn't sound too fun to me...crazy and scary maybe! I had dinner by the ocean in mind... So I guess Ill let you know if I end up taking the leap! (if i live to tell about it, that is..)

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