Monday, December 15, 2008

And so it begins....

So Ive been debating endlessly about whether or not to start a blog. I figured Im pretty much addicted to it, even though I dont have one, so I might as well start one right? Then I think, who will read it? Will anyone read it? What do I write about? Is my life really that exciting? I came to the conclusion that I dont mind if this little blog is hidden to the world. The challenge will be whether or not I can keep it going. I hate visiting my favorite pages only to be disappointed when there are no new posts. So my goal is to make this a habit! Not one of those bad habits like running late, procrastinating or drinking coffee, those I have mastered! But a good habit, one that will let me rant and rave, laugh and cry and of course brag about my favorite nephew! P.S. You will be seeing lots of him in the future!
So here it goes.....


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